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The products in this category of lithium power tools are all machines suitable for lithium batteries, covering many types of products, suitable for home, industry and other fields.

We Are A Global Source Of Power Tools.

Yongkang Runtai Tools Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, which is China Lithium Power Tools Manufacturers and OEM Lithium Power Tools company specializing in the production of electric tools and lithium electric tools. The products include electric chainsaws, electric drills, angle grinder cutting machines, aerial drills, electric picks and wholesale Lithium Power Tools. Our company has a complete production line of power tools, a sound and scientific quality management system and thoughtful after-sales service. It has been recognized by the industry for its honest management, strong production strength and high-quality products. Welcome friends from all walks of life to come for visit, guidance and business negotiations.

The company was founded in 2005 with more than 80 employees, including 13 staff for R&D. And the production capability has reached the leading domestic level.

We Are A Global Source Of Power Tools.
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    The professional R&D team and technical service team can continue to provide new products with higher cost performance.

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    17 Years Experience

    The company was founded in 2005 with more than 80 employees, including 13 staff for R&D. And the production capability has reached the leading domestic level.


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Industry knowledge extension of this category

What is Lithium Power Tools

Lithium power tools refer to a type of cordless power tools that use lithium-ion batteries as a power source instead of traditional nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal Hydride batteries. Lithium-ion batteries offer several advantages over these traditional batteries, such as longer run time, faster charging, lighter weight, and a more consistent power output.
Lithium power tools are commonly used in cordless drills, impact drivers, saws, and other power tools that require mobility and convenience. The use of lithium-ion batteries eliminates the need for a power cord, allowing users to work freely and without being tethered to an electrical outlet.
Using Lithium Power Tools
When using lithium power tools, it is important to follow some basic guidelines to ensure safe and efficient operation:
1.Charge the Battery: Before using a lithium power tool, make sure the battery is fully charged. This will ensure that the tool has maximum power and run time.
2.Read the Instruction Manual: Before using a lithium power tool, it is important to read and understand the instruction manual. This will provide important information about the tool's operation, maintenance, and safety precautions.
3.Wear Protective Gear: When using a lithium power tool, it is important to wear appropriate protective gear such as safety glasses, ear protection, and a dust mask if necessary.
4.Use the Tool Properly: When using a lithium power tool, make sure to use it as intended. Do not force the tool or use it for tasks it is not designed for. This will reduce the risk of injury and extend the life of the tool.
5.Store the Tool Safely: When not in use, store the lithium power tool in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat. This will extend the life of the battery and prevent damage to the tool.
By following these basic guidelines, you can ensure safe and efficient operation of your lithium power tools and get the most out of your investment.
Advantages of Lithium Power Tools
Lithium power tools offer several advantages over traditional corded and nickel-cadmium or nickel-Metal Hydride battery powered tools, including:
1.Longer Run Time: Lithium-ion batteries provide longer run time compared to other battery types, allowing you to work longer without having to stop and recharge the battery.
2.Faster Charging: Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged much faster compared to other battery types, allowing you to get back to work quickly.
3.Consistent Power Output: Lithium-ion batteries deliver consistent power output throughout their use, unlike other battery types which can experience a drop in power output as they discharge.
4.Lightweight: Lithium-ion batteries are lighter and more compact compared to other battery types, making the tools that use them easier to handle and maneuver.
These advantages make lithium power tools popular among both professional and DIY users for their improved performance and convenience.